Walgreens (valid: 7/7 Sunday - 7/13 Saturday)

If you reserve this flyer, please record it in the next 4 hours.

If you have any questions at any time while reading the instructions below, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

1. How to read this ad?

Step 1. Record a header (1 recording)

One audio recording with the following information:

  1. (Required) Store name
  2. (Required) Dates the specials are valid
  3. (Required) Date of recording

Sample text:
Walgreens. Specials are valid from July 7th, Sunday to July 13th, Saturday. Recorded on July 7th.

Step 2. Record the flyer section by section (1 recording per section)

A recording for a section will include the following:

  1. Section title
    e.g., “deals of the week”, “BOGO free with myWalgreens”, “vitamins & supplements

  2. Items listed in this section
    See section 2. How to read the items below.

  3. End of section.


Repeat the above steps for each section. For example, if the flyer has 16 sections then you should end up with 17 recordings (1 recording for each section plus the header recording in Step 1 above).

The flyer itself is on this link. When asked to select a store, please choose

  • 1401 Broadway, Sacramento, CA at ZIP code 95816.

Step 3. Upload recordings

Upload your recordings to this online folder.

Step 4. Submit volunteer time

Simply reply to this post with your volunteer time.

2. How to read the items?

click here to expand / collapse

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  1. product name
  2. price
  3. associated coupon / deal / sale (if any)
  4. image description if needed (see below)

If you are having trouble pronouncing a word or a brand, it’s best to spell it out.



Palmolive dish soap, 10-ounce bottle, 99 cents with club card. Comes with a 25 cents instant coupon.


Buy one get one 50 percent off from any Lindt or Ghirardelli 4 to 5.32-ounce holiday or original pouches. The image shows Lindt milk and white chocolate round truffles and the Ghirardelli dark chocolate peppermint bark squares.

Spend 30 dollars on the following toys and Christmas themed items to get 10 dollars ExtraBucks rewards. This promotion includes the following items:

  • Lego sets, prices ranging from 12.99 to 19.99
  • dolls starting at 4.99
  • holiday decorations starting at 3.99
  • (and so on)


Barefoot Bubbly, Chateau St Jean, or Cupcake 750 mL bottles, 8.09 each with card when you buy 6 or more. Rewards offer limit of 1 per household.

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3. How to distinguish sections?

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The sections are clearly separated with whitespace and a header, such as:

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